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Rent a car for a weekend and save up to 20% Off all cars

Escape from the pressure of big city and have a memorable long weekend with a car of MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car.

If you want maximum mobility in your free time, we can provide you with an opportunity you do not want to miss. Our amazing weekend car rental package is a special discount which gives you the opportunity to spend your Saturday and Sunday in an unforgettable way.


Why choose our rental services:

  ✔ New rental cars;
  ✔ Flexible services;
  ✔ No hidden tax;
  ✔ Road assistance 24/7


Whether you are looking for new adventures or you want to drive through the city in style, with our weekend car rental package you can realize your plans in a very affordable way. Our company has individual approach to the needs, wants and the demands of every client and the customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


Rent Ford Focus / groups C, E /  or Fiesta and save up to 40%

If you're simply looking to save more money on rental rates, than you can take advantage of our car rental deal and book Ford Fiesta with up to 40% off or Ford Focus with up to 30%, for the same period.


*The promotionl offer is valid every weekend from 2 pm Friday to 10 am Monday morning for all cars.

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