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Book cheap car rental and save 10 - 40% off

Are you looking for an economy and cheap car rental? We offer exclusive discounts on new cars Ford Fiesta - 15% and Focus 10%, which can be an ideal option.

They are amoung the most-popular cars in the wide range of MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car's fleet and most selling cars in the world. Ford's ECOnetic technology is combined with more than enough power and low emissions, the latest Fiesta and Focus engines are remarkably effective:

  • Fuel economy;
  • More power;
  • Lower emission.

With their attractive accents and high quality details, Ford Fiesta and Focus are refined and balanced. A closer look convinces that each part is designed with one clear goal - quality that lasts longer.

Ford EcoBoost

The International Engine of the Year for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. Thanks to a turbocharger, direct injection and diamond-coated piston rings, Ford EcoBoost has the dynamic performance of a larger engine but with much better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Hire and save up to 40% off

Get an even cheaper car rental if you are planing an unforgettable weekend getaway, take advantage of our special offer "Weekend Car Rental Package" for the same period and enjoy up to 30 - 40% discount when you rent selected cars. 

Extra 30% Off when you hire Ford Fiesta for a period longer than 14 days. 



*The promotional offer is valid only for online booked Fiesta / B / or Focus / groups C, E /



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